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The XCF Virtual Help Sessions

The XCF Virtual Help Sessions... they're fun, exciting, new-wave and reuseable! Tell your friends! Information is available on the following topics...

Current Virtual Help Sessions

Understanding and Using Make
make is a language used to express dependencies (via rules) and update methods (via shell). Make allows you to have a program (the make program) resolve the computation and compilation dependencies between, say, source-code files in a project.
C Tricks
This page describes some non-trivial usage of the C programming langauge. Covered topics include: standard idioms, preprocessor macros, unexpected syntax constructs. While not all the code presented can be considered an example of a good software engineering practice, stretching the boundaries of C will lead to better understanding of the language.

Virtual Virtual Help Sessions

[ie: in the works...]

Using SSH for secure interactive communications
Productive Use of Emacs
Essential Unix
Newsgroups and Newsreaders; Concepts and Applications
Postscript and Printing
Using GCC
An Introduction to Unix Shells
An Introduction to X Windows

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