XCF | Purpose

XCF is a primarily undergraduate computing society supporting and organizing highly motivated students interested in working on extra-curricular projects. We provide students with a lab, computers, hand tools, and most importantly, other XCF members.

Members are our most valuable asset

Our most valuable asset is our members. By promoting, attacking, defending, and otherwise evaluating one another's ideas, we foster an engineering atmosphere which develops and develops an intimate understanding of software systems and their engineering.

XCF members are devoted

XCF members are devoted to the development of their already-vast computing knowledge and the promotion of XCF as an organization. We want XCF to continue to attract bright new members while increasing XCF's value to the computing community at large.

Resources we provide to our members

As a non-ASUC sponsored organization, we rely on our members, the Computer Science Division, and corporate sponsorship to maintain and improve our computing resources.
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