XCF | The CSUA/OCF/XCF Help Sessions

The CSUA, The OCF, and the XCF present student-run help sessions on a variety of topics, from introductory UNIX to advanced topics in system administration and computer security. You do not need to be a member of the CSUA, OCF or XCF to attend these sessions. All help sessions are free and do not require advance reservation.

The help session schedule is maintained by the CSUA. If the web server is down, try fingering helper@csua

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these joint sessions, send mail to helper@csua.berkeley.edu.

XCF | The XCF Virtual Help Sessions

The XCF has a series of so-called "virtual" help sessions, which are web-based informational lessons which serve as a reference to learning and using a particular aspect of computer science, specifically in relation to being functional in the UC Berkeley computer environment.

More information about the Virtual Help Sessions can be found on the Virtual Help Session pages.

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