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Drawing Program

GTK is a very nice toolkit, one which could probably replace the horrible interface of xfig without too much difficulty. This project could get you a reasonable ammount of internet-freeware fame. I have looked at the code and evaluated the difficulty, it doesn't look too hard. To really rule, you'd add a few missing features. You would not be just porting to GTK, the interface sorely needs a redesign. Contact jmacd@xcf.berkeley.edu.

Project Manager

Think Technologies Think C (subsequently know as Symantec Think C) had a very user friendly project system which behaved very much like UNIX make. This was such a good idea that VC++ supports projects. It would be neat to implement an interface to make, makedepend, gcc -M, CVS (or better yet, PRCS), autoconf, and package all of this in a graphical project manager. It would allow the user to easily add new source files and libraries to his project, easily perform checkins and checkouts, and facilitate packing.

An interface to emacs is crucial to the acceptance of this package. Contact ali@xcf.berkeley.edu. Also contact jmacd@xcf.berkeley.edu because he knows the GNU software maintenence tools pretty well, and has some ideas about features the GNU utilities lack in Solaris' make.

Extensible Web Crawler

An extensible web crawler would provide a basic architecture for crawling the web. It could be implemented as a C library, allowing extensions in C/C++, or it could have an embedded Tcl or Perl interpreter, allowing people to write a web crawler in a common scripting language. This project would be useful anytime you are doing an in depth search for information on the web. Heuristics could be developed to order documents by importance. Contact tracs@xcf.berkeley.edu.

RPC for Scheme

Wouldn't it be neat if you could have remote execution of Scheme functions with parameter passing and the whole works? Contact ali@xcf.berkeley.edu.

For more information on these projects, or new project ideas, please get in touch with director@xcf.berkeley.edu

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