Memorandum of Understanding between the XCF and the EECS Department

The purpose of this memo is to record the relationship between the University of California at Berkeley's Experimental Computing Facility (XCF) and the Department of Electric Engineering and Computer Sciences of the University of California at Berkeley ( EECS).

The XCF is an organization recognized by the Department of EECS. The XCF provides consulting to users of EECS computing facilities, software for the campus computing environment, and resources to individuals interested in undertaking programming projects of moderate size.

The XCF has a faculty advisor in the EECS department. The advisor oversees the financial transactions of the organization and serves as a mentor for those students involved in XCF.

The liaison between the organization and the department is the Director of the XCF, who is elected by the members of the organization.

The membership of the XCF consists of students and staff of the University that undertake an XCF project. XCF projects are approved by the existing membership of the XCF based on feasibility, usefulness, and complexity, as well as the applicant's ability to complete the project within a reasonable time frame. Previous projects include the Campus Phone Book (pb), the EECS Webster Dictionary (dict), and the XCF Map Project (xmap).

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