The CSUA/OCF/XCF Help Sessions

The CSUA, The OCF, and the XCF present student-run UNIX help seminars on a variety of topics, from introductory UNIX to advanced topics in system administration and computer security. You do not need to be a member of the CSUA, OCF, or XCF to attend these sessions. All help sessions are free and do not require advance reservation, with the exception of the XCF programming classes, which will require pre-registration due to the interactive nature of the classes.
The help session schedule is maintained by the CSUA. If the web server is down, try fingering helper@CSUA

You can also see handouts from past joint help sessions.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these joint sessions, you can either fill out a survey or send mail to

The XCF Programming Seminars

The XCF Programming Seminars are meant to cover practical knowledge in the area of Computer Science that is essential for successful implementations of projects, whether they are for specific courses, individual projects, or research.

XCF Programming Series Schedule

We hope that you will find these sessions helpful, and are looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions regarding these advanced sessions.

Debugging Sessions

Every Tuesday from 7-9pm XCF members in the office are available for assistance in debugging fatal errors. We will focus on fixing immediate causes of failure, not flaws in conceptual work.